DIGGING DEEPER: More troubles for Harrison College nursing students

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Nursing students at the now-defunct Harrison College won’t be able to complete their degrees at the “preferred institution” for transfer if they intend to work in Indiana because the school’s program is not licensed in the state.

ABC21 has been Digging Deeper into National American University, which was designated by Harrison College as the suggested destination for its former students.

Harrison shut down unexpectedly on Sept. 16, leaving hundreds of northeast Indiana students unsure about their future.

Many had invested more than $16,000 a year into their education, and nursing students were surprised to learn that the promised easiest transfer process would not work for them.

Instead, some say they are now being advised to forfeit their earned credits and ask the government to forgive their student loans. Others are still hoping other schools – which do have the necessary Indiana licensing – will accept them.

One possibility is Ivy Tech, whose officials told WRTV in Indianapolis that they are waiving fees on a test that will help assess the knowledge of each potential transfer. But they warned there is no guarantee that their credits would be applied toward an Ivy Tech degree.

National American University is based in South Dakota and has campuses across the United States. Harrison College was based in Indianapolis, with most of its students enrolled at Indiana campuses.

Jonathan Shelley

Jonathan Shelley

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