DIGGING DEEPER: City heavily redacts public record involving Allen County Sheriff

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA) — ABC21’s Digging Deeper team has obtained a police log entry regarding an altercation between Allen County Sheriff David Gladieux and a teenage Three Rivers Festival volunteer that confirms three city police officers responded to a call of “simple assault,” “disorderly conduct” and an “intoxicated person.”

However, the City of Fort Wayne’s law department heavily redacted the majority of the record before releasing it.

Indiana state law requires law enforcement agencies to keep a daily log “which lists suspected crimes, accidents, or complaints. The record containing the information must be created not later than twenty-four hours after the incident has been reported to the agency, and the information must be made available for inspection and copying.”

That log must include the following information (Ind. Code § 5-14-3-5(c)) :

(1) The time, substance, and location of all complaints or requests for assistance received by the agency.

(2) The time and nature of the agency’s response to all complaints or requests for assistance.

(3) If the incident involves an alleged crime or infraction:

         (A) the time, date, and location of occurrence;

         (B) the name and age of any victim, unless the victim is a victim of a crime under IC 35-42-4;

         (C) the factual circumstances surrounding the incident; and

         (D) a general description of any injuries, property, or weapons involved.

Despite the statute, the City marked out the circumstances regarding how FWPD responded to the disturbance.

The visible portion of the version of the report released by the city does not mention Sheriff Gladieux. However, the record released by the city does name the 15-year-old, which ABC21 has decided to independently redact from our coverage.

The report provided to ABC21 also lists the name of the responding officers, and lists the offenses as simple assault, disorderly conduct and intoxicated person.

ABC21’s request for an initial police report has been denied by FWPD and the Allen County Prosecutor’s Office. The prosecutor cited the “investigatory records” exemption without providing any explanation on how releasing the initial FWPD incident report (a record FWPD routinely releases to the public) would impede their investigation, harm the public.

Alexis Shear

Alexis Shear

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