Fantasy Island

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FREMONT, Ind.(WPTA21)-It has been the print blockbuster for years, the paranormal romance novel..fictional warriors and monsters and lovers wandering and battling in a fictional land. And a grandmother out in 21 Country has just added to the book list.

I do go into an entirely different world,” says author Cheryl Starr Munger. “I become part of the characters I feel what they feel.”

Munger is new to the writing world. She had one title to her name, a children’s book ‘Liam and the Magic Kingdom’ but her second book, ‘The Peacekeepter’, is radically different. A good versus evil fantasy romance set in 12th Century Scotland.

And I like fantasy to begin with,” Munger says, “anything that will take you out of this world. Just magic, mayhem and of course good over evil always wins.”

Munger fell in love with books as a child listening to her father’s stories. That seed sprouted in her mind years later.

I got this story in my head and I couldn’t get it out,” she says. “I couldn’t quit writing I just continued to do it until it was completely out of my head I couldn’t stop.”

‘The Peacekeeper’ was the result, a book so impressive the publisher, Wild Rose Press, has signed Munger to a 14 book series continuing the story begun in ‘Peacekeeper’. It’s a spectacular almost unheard of accomplishment for a novice author and one that will likely be remembered many years from now.

I’d like them to say she had one heck of an imagination,” Munger says. “I’d like to leave something behind that’s fun. I like fun.”

Eric Olson out in 21 Country.



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