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FORT WAYNE, Ind.(WPTA21)-A little bit of everything is a great nickname for Fancy and Staple on Broadway, a store offering a potpourri of items for the home, the hobbyist and the horticulturist. Owner Taber Olinger planned her store three years ago not really knowing what she wanted to sell.

And then I had to decide what I wanted in the store and when you can’t really decide you just have a little bit of everything,” she says.

And that’s precisely what Fancy and Staple offers, things for kids, clothing, toys, even furniture. Personal care products, soaps and lotions, jewelry, greeting cards, seasonal items, too, like Christmas decorations. And plants, lots of plants. Olinger has added to the store’s offerings over the years. She buys her stock from more than a hundred different vendors and she says her shop is now just the way she wants it. A success, she says, despite dire warnings of failure from family and friends before she opened.

I knew what it could be and I just really thought that Fort Wayne was ready for it,” she says. Turns out they are. ‘What’s the big selling stuff what do people like best?’ we ask. “Anything that’s naked or has cuss words,” she says.

We won’t show you those best sellers but we can say Fancy and Staple is more than just a commercial venture. Olinger exhibits artworks by local artists in a couple of small galleries, encourages shoppers just to come in, browse around and stay a while. And if you can’t find that perfect card or decoration or gift you’re just not looking. A quirky little store unlike most others you might see, surviving and thriving. And an owner with reasonable expectations for the future.

Just a little more business a little more happening,” she says, “just really to make Fort Wayne a little cooler.”

Eric Olson reporting for Your Story Made Here.



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