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PERU, IND. (WPTA21)-For 26 years Bruce Embrey, Judge Bruce Embrey, presided over the Miami County Circuit Court in Peru. He retired from the bench in 2002 to run for and be elected, Miami County Prosecutor. Four days ago Embrey retired from that post as well but one job he says he won’t forsake, is far from the legal profession he just left.

For 38 years while judge and county prosecutor Bruce Embrey has served as ringmaster for the Peru Amateur Circus. For six decades this greatest amateur show on earth has taught kids 7 to 21 how to operate and perform in a circus and for two-thirds of that time Bruce Embrey has been their ringmaster and teacher, and always keeping the focus on the kids.

If there’s a nine year old in the pyramid on the high wire people like to know that,” he explains. “I think it enhances the show to have a ringmaster who tells the audience a little bit about the performers.”

Over the years Embrey has kept in touch with hundreds of circus kids he taught as they grew and found their own professions. That’s him with a former performer…seen her somewhere before can’t think of where.

They think they’re learning circus skills we’re teaching them life skills,” says Embrey. “Stepping off that platform with a trapeze bar teaches you to do the same thing in life, take a chance, take a risk. and i think that’s very helpful for young people.”

Judge Embrey will soon move to the Indianapolis area but he’ll return to 21 Country for circus season, keeping watch over his hometowns kids as they find their own way in the world with the help of a longtime friend.



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