The Sign Post Up Ahead

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DECATUR, IND. (WPTATV)-They tell us what’s ahead, what to do and where to do it. And where would civilization be without them.

It’s very popular,” says “Whitney Mentor of Down Home Decor. “A lot of people would rather make their own sign or have a customized sign like this rather than going to the store and buying something else.”

Down Home Decor is Decatur Indiana’s newest business and Whitney Mentor is owner, CEO and in-house artistic talent. For years the Decatur native’s hobby was creating home decor and painting decorative signs and last month she turned it into her occupation, opening Down Home Decor on South Eleventh Street. Whitney says she’s capitalizing on a growing interest in primitive custom signs to decorate the home.

I make all my inventory from pallet wood,” she explains, “so as you can see they have more of the knots and all the nail signs and stuff like that which gives it more of a unique custom touch to it.

Customers can choose a premade sign in a variety of sizes from the company website or order a custom sign with any message or design they choose. Whitney creates the template on her computer, prints it out on a vinyl printer and traces it on the wood. Or better yet, customers can schedule a sign painting party, Whitney’s other specialty, hosted right at her store or she’ll bring paint, blank sign boards and all necessary supplies right to the customer’s home.

It’s a lot of fun,” she says. “We have wine tastings and stuff like that we bring snacks in and their own beer..the ladies really enjoy getting together and having a good time. ‘Loosening up?’ Loosening up and making their own signs it’s a lot of fun.”

And fun it must be. Whitney’s store opened less than a month ago and she already has parties, in-house and private, filling her schedule book. It’s a wildly popular nationwide trend this astute young businesswoman has tapped into, providing a lucrative service and having a whale of a time doing it.

I love going to work everyday,” she says, “doing what I love came from a hobby and a passion of mine to being able to share this with everybody else in the community and everything so it’s turned out really great for me.”

Eric Olson reporting for ‘Your Story Made Here’.



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