DIGGING DEEPER: Taking a closer look at Braun’s Senate win

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) –We are digging deeper into the votes as Mike Braun wins the US Senate race in Indiana.

ABC21 has exclusive insight into voter data through our Votecast analysis, providing a unique understanding of who people voted for and why.

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As we’ve reported, Braun took the Senate race. Helping the Republican party maintain control of the Senate. Senator Joe Donnelly called Braun around 9:30 Tuesday night to concede the race. Braun came onto the stage to a big ovation.

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Braun had the most male voters. Votecast data shows 55 percent or men voted for Braun.

Braun’s voters skewed older. Votecast data shows 53 percent of people aged 50-64 saying they voted for Braun.
People who voted for Braun said immigration was one of the key factors for them.

Most Braun’s voters, 54 percent of those who supported him, said President Trump was not a factor in how they cast their ballot. Of the people who said Trump was a factor in their vote, 94 percent said they voted to show support for the president.

We will be digging more into the results of Tuesday’s vote, and what Hoosiers said as they cast their ballots, throughout the day.

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Jacob Burbrink

Jacob Burbrink

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