Banks discusses visit with U.S. troops in Afghanistan

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Rep. Jim Banks believes the situation in Afghanistan is worse than it was just a few years ago, sharing his observations with C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal” on Wednesday morning.

Banks, who served in Afghanistan shortly before his election to Congress in 2016, said the environment is “more dangerous in Afghanistan today than it was at that point.”

The Indiana Third District Republican make the trip last as part of a bipartisan delegation that included seven lawmakers from various states

“We came home last week with a better picture of what is going on in Afghanistan,” Banks said. “Still a lot of questions that I have, but we came home with a renewed sense that our efforts there are as important as ever, and in a bipartisan fashion, we came home with a lot of questions that we have for the Administration as well.”

Banks is a member of the Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee. In November, he easily won reelection and will begin his second term in office in January.

After observing operations, he determined there has been an evolution in the threat to the United States and other nations.

“We’re no longer just dealing with defeating the Taliban,” he said, noting the rise of an ISIS faction and other terrorist groups with operations in Afghanistan.

Banks called for the Trump Administration to provide added details on the role of American troops in the region.

Watch the complete “Washington Journal” interview here.


Jonathan Shelley

Jonathan Shelley

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