Banks requests honoring Fort Wayne with naval vessel

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – In a letter to the Secretary of the Navy, Indiana Congressman Jim Banks asks the military to consider naming a combat vessel the “U.S.S. Fort Wayne.”

The letter, send Thursday, notes community ties to the military dating to the very naming of the city for Gen. Anthony Wayne, a Revolutionary War hero.

It goes on to note more recent local contributions to the interests of the country and businesses that participate in national security efforts.

Two Littoral combat ships at sea.

Naming a naval ship the U.S.S. Fort Wayne “would convey the American ideals of freedom and patriotism to honor those serving in the U.S. military,” Banks writes.

Banks specifically requests the naming of a future Littoral Combat Ship, a type of surface vessel designed to be agile and stealthy, able to participate in anti-submarine action, surveillance, mine countermeasures and other activities.

The letter is addressed to Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer.

Jonathan Shelley

Jonathan Shelley

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