Huntington residents say historic building was torn down

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HUNTINGTON, Ind. (WPTA21) — A building that was recently torn down in Huntington is creating a buzz among residents.

Residents say it was a historical building, but Huntington’s mayor is disputing that. He says it held no historical or educational value, and it had to go.

The building sat across from Memorial Park and Sunken Gardens Since 1984. Both the park and gardens are listed on the National Register of Historic Places in Huntington.

Mayor Brooks Fetters says the building in question was simply used as a storage room, was often vandalized, and despite stories that have circulated over the years, the mayor says the building was not historic – though it may have had materials from the civil war era.

Fetters says he consulted with several groups and organizations before it was torn down and none seemed eager to save it.

“It’s an old building that needed to come down, it’s not a civil war building,” Mayor Fetters said. “Our commitment is to make great parks in Huntington and that building stood in the way of where we need to be to make things better.”

Some residents we talked to aren’t buying it.

“We were just surprised that a historical site was torn down and there was no publication as to why,” Craig Hildebrand said. “There’s not much to Huntington so we try to save what we can and it’s just gone.”

Mayor Fetters went on to tell us about some of the improvements the city wants to make to that specific area which plays hosts to concerts, weddings, photo shoots and more, by making it more accessible, and adding parking, restrooms and more.

Jacob Burbrink

Jacob Burbrink

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