Grant County Jail to introduce new mail system

GRANT COUNTY, Ind. (WPTA21) – Grant County officials are looking to a new mail system to maintain safety and security for inmates and staff.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office announced they contracted with Smart Communications to install a digital mail system in the jail.

This system takes postal mail and scans it into a system to let inmates view the mail on kiosks or tablets.

The update comes as more jails look to increase mail security. In November 2017, 34 workers were sent to the hospital and 11 workers were treated with Narcan after an incident involving inmate mail.

Sheriff David Gladieux says inmates received mail laced with spice and possibly fentanyl. They tried to light the mail to smoke the fumes.

“When I’m taking 34 of my employees because of their mail system and their ability to transport dangerous drugs that are highly contaminated type drugs with really bad stuff,” Sheriff Gladieux said in the 2017 report. “I think it’s time for the United States government to figure this out and to quit catering to these people so much.”

Sheriff Gladieux said the tablets they would be giving inmates would eventually end in a mailing system.

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The Grant County Sheriff’s Department said the new mailing system is effective April 1. All inmate postal mail must be sent to Smart Communications – Grant County Jail INMATE NAME – ID NUMBER 1075 Broad Ripple Avenue #228 Indianapolis, IN 46220.

The Inmates Name and ID number must be clearly printed on the outside of the envelope or postcard to ensure the mail is posted to the correct account. The department said all regular inmate postal mail will be scanned into the system. Upon release, inmates can log in to the public website at and enter their inmate number and password to download their Photos, Messages, and Postal Mail for free.

Legal Mail, Court Documents, Bank Statements, and Publications will continue to be sent to the facility directly.

Jacob Burbrink

Jacob Burbrink

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