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CHURUBUSCO, IND. (WPTA21)-When the good folks of Churubusco, Indiana need to restock the pantry many of them head here, the Sav-U-Mor grocery on South Main Street. You’ll find the usual grocery fare…dairy, vegetables, cereals. Owner Jeremy Hill is especially proud of his meat selection but there’s something extra here, something you rarely find in a small town food store.

“There’s things little things like that we can come up with that maybe gets us a little bit different than the big boys,” says Hill.

What Jeremy Hill came up with was specialty brats, one hundred different flavors of brats, all made right in the store; cheddar bacon, bacon apple, stop light peppers and onion, bacon cheeseburger. Jeremy’s son Jack is churning out today’s stock. He and his dad came up with most of those one hundred brat recipes.

“We sit around talk about it what sounds good what don’t sound good,” says Jeremy. “We throw it around with some other people ‘what do you think about this?’ We make a gummy bear brat. ‘Better than it sounds?’ we ask. “Better than it sounds, it’s sweet,” he says.

Another Jeremy Hill innovation..a coffee bar offering shoppers gourmet coffees and teas and a place to sit and enjoy them. The profit margin in a food store, any food store, is very small. To be successful grocers need to be imaginative.

“We battle so many places,” says Jeremy. “You know we have Family Dollar we have Dollar General in town, now you’re battling Walmart, Kroger I mean you got all these big suppliers that can buy better than you can cheaper than you can.”

The solution? Offer customers something they can’t refuse. Jeremy Hill has other additions in mind… hot foods like rotisserie chicken, a drive up window. More attractions that make shopping easier for his customers and add to a very successful bottom line. Eric Olson reporting for ‘Your Story Made Here’.



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