Suspect in high-profile murder makes hand-written motion claiming innocence, blames key witness

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – A Fort Wayne man charged in connection with the death of a North Side High School assistant football coach is calling on the judge to dismiss his case.

Henry Underwood faces murder, felony murder and attempted robbery charges in connection with the death of Terrance Miles.

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In a three-page handwritten document, Underwood claims the lead witness lied during his interview. Underwood also provided his own account of what happened the day Miles was killed.

The document is littered with spelling and grammar errors. The quotes in this story are as written in the court document.

In the motion, Underwood claims that Jaevin Bowie, was the other suspect in the case, lied to detectives. He says Bowie admitted to throwing guns in a garbage shoot and handling the murder weapon.

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The only thing he didn’t admit to, according to Underwood, was killing Miles.

“Javin Bowie told multipy lies trying to convince the detective I murder Mr. Miles but play close attention he got caught in his lies,” Underwood writes.

Underwood writes that he didn’t say anything in the interview room because he did not want to be labeled as a snitch.

“That’s yall job to figure out who committed the murder,” Underwood writes.

The motion also claims Bowie told Underwood not to tell detectives what he had done. He says Bowie and his uncle planned to pin the murder on Underwood.

“I’m coming forward now because I’m charge with a murder I didn’t commit,” Underwood writes. “Javin leaving me no choice but to tell the truth I can’t go down for something I didn’t do. Javin bowie murder Mr. Miles I’m innocent.”

In his account of the shooting, Underwood writes that Bowie walked up to Miles and asked if he was on the phone with police. When Miles said he was not, Underwood claims Bowie shot Miles.

Underwood writes that Bowie started to panic once he realized he shot somebody.

“I hope Javin man up for what he done so I can go home,” Underwood writes.

Underwood is scheduled to appear in court for a pretrial conference on July 23.  His four-day jury trial is scheduled for August 27.

Jacob Burbrink

Jacob Burbrink

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