Survey: millions still use 123456 as their password

Picking a password is your time to be creative, but millions of people are choosing some easy-to-crack codes.

Like 123456, which was revealed as the most common vulnerable password.

The UK’s national Cyber-Security Centre analyzed passwords belonging to accounts around the world that had been breached.

23 million people used 123456 while 7.7 million used the longer 123456789.

Qwerty and password were each used by 3 million accounts. Surprisingly, monkey and dragon cracked the top 20 most common passwords.

Most used in total Names Premier League football teams Musicians Fictional characters
123456 (23.2m) ashley (432,276) liverpool (280,723) blink182 (285,706) superman (333,139)
123456789 (7.7m) michael (425,291) chelsea (216,677) 50cent (191,153 naruto (242,749)
qwerty (3.8m) daniel (368,227) arsenal (179,095) eminem (167,983 tigger (237,290_
password (3.6m) jessica (324,125) manutd (59,440) metallica (140,841) pokemon (226,947)
1111111 (3.1m) charlie (308,939) everton (46,619) slipknot (140,833) batman (203,116)

To reduce the risk of a breach, the center recommends three “random but memorable” terms.

Find a list of the top 100,000 vulnerable passwords at



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