Indiana driver’s license to get a new look

INDIANAPOLIS (WPTA21) – Your next Indiana driver’s license will have a very different look from the one you keep in your wallet now.

The state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles says it has already begun rolling out the new design, and that all branches of the BMV will have it by mid-July.

The new license features:

  • Black and white laser engraved text and image
  • Tactile and UV features
  • Mini Portrait
  • Minor specific vertical card format with under 18 and under 21 wording
  • Indiana-focused imagery with a race car for Driver’s Licenses and a cardinal indicator for IDs
  • Easier to find and read personal information
  • More durable card construction for a longer-lasting tamper resistant card

The new look does away with the familiar color photo and replaces it with a laser-inscribed grayscale one.

The revised license (like recent ones issued by the BMV) is “REAL ID” compliant, meaning it meets certain standards aimed at improving security at places like airports and other federally controlled facilities.

Jonathan Shelley

Jonathan Shelley

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