Blue Bombers schedule unveiled

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) — The National Gridiron League will play its first games in less than two months, and now we finally know the schedule for the upcoming season.

The full league schedule is linked here. Fort Wayne’s new team, the Indiana Blue Bombers, will play this schedule.

Week 1 – BYE
Week 2 – At Mississippi Mudcats (4/6, 7:15pm)
Week 3 – Vs. Kansas Kapitals (4/13, 7:15pm)
Week 4 – Vs. Virginia Destroyers (4/20, 7:15pm)
Week 5 – BYE
Week 6 – Vs. Indiana Blue Bombers (5/5, 2:15pm)
Week 7 – At Indiana Firebirds (5/11, 7:15pm)
Week 8 – Vs. Pennsylvania Pioneers (5/19 2:15pm)
Week 9 – At Virginia Iron Horses (5/25, 7:15pm)
Week 10 – At Pennsylvania Pioneers (6/1, 7:15pm)
Week 11 – At Georgia Wildcats (6/8, 7:15pm)
Week 12 – At Arkansas Twisters (6/15, 7:15pm)
Week 13 – Vs. St. Louis Stampede (6/22, 7:15pm)
Week 14 – Vs. Indiana Firebirds (6/29, 7:15pm)
Week 15 – Vs. Virginia Iron Horses (7/6, 7:15pm)
Week 16 – At Virgnia Destroyers (7/13, 7:15pm)
Week 17 – Vs. Georgia Wildcats (7/19, 7:15pm)
Week 18 – At Louisiana Red Sticks (7/29, 2:15pm)

All of the Blue Bombers home games will be played at Memorial Coliseum. The NGL conference finals will be played on Saturday, August 3rd. The 2019 Gridiron Bowl Championship is on Saturday, August 10th in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Zach Groth

Zach Groth

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