Matt Leach

Matt Leach is Chief Meteorologist of Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio’s Weather Authority, ABC21, and a member of the National Weather Association.

Matt is exited to once again be a part of positive changes in Fort Wayne news.

Aside from being a self-proclaimed weather nut since his earliest childhood days, Matt’s first forecasting gig began in mid 2009, where he provided detailed video and written forecasts for the Kitsap Peninsula of western Washington State for one of the region’s largest newspaper publications.

In 2013, Matt was hired by Microsoft to write weather explainers for over 60 weather terms that now populated MSN’s “Weather 101” site.

For six months in 2013, Matt also held a coveted weather internship at market-leading KOMO-TV in Seattle. During his time at KOMO-TV, he prepared daily weather graphics, as well as aggressively pushing weather content to social media.

From growing up in the Northwest to living in South Africa and Namibia for two years, Matt has experienced wild temperature swings. He has seen the thermometer rise well over 120 degrees and fall below minus 40 degrees with wind chills surpassing minus 50.

When Matt isn’t busy chasing storms and severe weather, he enjoys cycling, tennis, reading, and doing anything that gives him the opportunity to be with family.

Matt Leach

Matt Leach

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