Messy Monday evening: Ice possible to the north

Ready for a break from the wintry weather? You may have to wait a few more days! Now that round one of the winter weather is in the books, let’s turn our attention to tomorrow. Drivers to the north of Fort Wayne could be in for a messy Monday evening thanks to a round of wintry mix, including some freezing rain.

But first, the here and now. Snow showers will taper off this evening, moving off into Ohio by midnight. Roads could still prove slippery, so drive cautiously!

Tomorrow morning will actually start off dry! Due to slick road conditions, some rural schools and businesses could delay or close. But hopefully, the dry overnight hours will enable crews to clear roads.

Tomorrow afternoon, rain showers will move from south to north. Generally, temperatures to the south of Fort Wayne will remain above freezing, keeping precipitation in liquid form.

Temperatures to the north of the city will flirt with freezing, allowing some sleet and freezing rain to mix in. Northern Allen County and especially locations along the Indiana/Michigan border could experience several hours of frozen precipitation. Will that fall as sleet or freezing rain? The answer to that question depends on how mild air temperatures climb. If temperatures rise above freezing, precipitation tomorrow evening could fall as rain and freeze upon impact with the cooler pavement, causing major travel issues. Sleet, another likely scenario, may also fall as frozen ice droplets. Generally speaking, most locations will just see a wintry mix of rain, sleet, and freezing drizzle .

Tomorrow night into Thursday, temperatures will rise enough to transition wintry mix to all rain. That’s good news for commuters! Road conditions should improve drastically by Tuesday morning.

Northern counties have the best shot at seeing frozen precipitation, whereas southern locations like Portland will see entirely rain. Drive safely, please!

☼ Meteorologist John Burchfield

Matt Leach

Matt Leach

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