Evening freezing rain threat

Road temperatures are at or below freezing this evening, but a warmer weather system with temperatures above freezing is moving in creating slick conditions on area roadways. Freezing rain falls and looks like rain, but when it interacts with the freezing surfaces it supercools and creates a thin and hard-to-see layer of ice on the roads.

The freezing rain threat lasts through about 2-3 am before warm air overwhelms the entire region. Even so, the morning commute could be quite slippery so take care outside!

Rain Tuesday turns to a rain/snow mix, and eventually wet snow Tuesday evening with a quick inch or two of accumulation by late Tuesday night.

Colder, and windy, weather returns by midweek.

Oh, the joys of winter!

Matt Leach

ABC21 Chief Meteorologist

Facebook: Matt Leach – ABC21 Weather

Twitter: @WxMatt1

Matt Leach

Matt Leach

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